The performance of footballers depends mainly on the hard training and discipline of each player, but well-chosen regeneration strictly observed by the player can improve performance.

Thanks to optimal regeneration and the suitable choice of a functional cream, the player will gain:

  • optimal training performance
  • faster regeneration between matches and training sessions
  • a lower risk of injuries and health problems

Despite the obvious benefits of adhering to a well-planned regeneration program with UMBRO products, many players disregard it as a nuisance or they miss out on these benefits due to a lack of discipline.

Obviously, there is no product that can guarantee the victory of the team in each match, but it would be unwise to ignore the benefits that regular and proper regeneration with UMBRO products bring to the players.

Professional training and football skills effectively reduce the risk of injury. But if an injury occurs, it is good to know what to do.

Footballers mostly suffer muscle injuries about 40 minutes into a match. Although they are sufficiently warmed up, the risk of injury is high after such a long period of intense muscle activity. Injuries are caused by inappropriate or inadequate regeneration, health deficiencies, stress and personal problems that are transmitted to the locomotive apparatus.

What to do in case of acute muscle injuries?

Muscular issues have three stages:

  • cramps
  • tears
  • ruptures


Cramps frequently occure when the temperature drops. Weather changes are sometimes enough to cause cramps. Wind at a speed of 10 km/h reduces the body surface temperature by one degree. A heated muscle can then respond with cramps. This can also be caused by short-term or long-term exertion. It is a basic defence mechanism of the muscles.

Do not try to cool down cramps, instead relax the muscle. Lightly massage the muscle with UMBRO active warming cream. Cramps most frequently occure in the calves and thighs, so pull the toes to a right angle in order to stretch the muscle to its maximum length. Remove sweat and cover the muscle with a towel. After a few minutes, the cramps should gradually fade away.


If during exercise, you feel a cutting pain restricting your movement, it means that the surface muscles have been partially damaged. Usually, the muscle has been stretched too much. This type of injury most commonly occurs on a slippery surface or after a rapid movement.

Lightly cool down the affected area and rub with UMBRO active cooling cream. This type of injury is always accompanied by minor or major hematoma. Thanks to the cooling effect, the blood vessels shrink and bleeding stops. Then lightly bind the damaged area with a bandage and support your leg. Cool the muscle for the first 24 hours. Afterwards, you can use heparin or heparinoid creams and gels.


A sudden, unbearable pain, immediate restriction of movement and major hematoma are signs of muscle rupture. It often occurs in so-called recreational footballers.

First of all, cool down the affected area. You can use a cold bottle from the fridge or special cooling gel pads and other aids. Then bind the muscle with a bandage. In this case, medical treatment is necessary, followed by appropriate rehabilitation.

In some cases, a ruptured muscle is stitched, however healing does not always result in a scar. Rehabilitation can be effective, but the damaged area will probably never be in perfect condition. The scar is considered to be so-called inferior tissue. After the injury, the muscle is naturally shortened. Elasticity returns gradually, but physiotherapy can accelerate the process – use the UMBRO active regeneration cream.